LTYC Suspends Centreboard Sailing Activities

As a result of the Toxic Algal Bloom now occurring in Lake Taupo, LTYC has suspended it's on water centreboard sailing activities indefinitely.

The Club takes its Health & Safety responsibilities, and its position as a good corporate citizen of the Taupo community, seriously, despite what may have been inferred on a recent TV3 Newshub article.

We are making alternative arrangements for our Learn to Sail and Have A Go commitments which, until advised otherwise, will continue as scheduled.

Fortunately for the club sailing programme we are entering a period of the year when centreboard sailing takes a break over the Christmas holiday period.   However Centreboard sailors who wish to take advantge of this period to have a ride on a trailer yacht are encouraged to contact any of the Flag Officers who will be able to help.

The best information that we have at the moment is that it is not considered safe to swim in the lake at any location and to do so risks infection from the algae.

This problem is a naturally occurring phenonoma which fortunately we haven't had to deal with since 2003 and is a direct result of the rising temperature of the Lake early in the summer.   There is nothing we can do except ensure that our exposure to the Lake is minimised.

Trailer and sports boat sailing is not affected although crews are reminded that swimming is the Lake is banned by the Medical Officer of Health until the situation improves.

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