Trailer Yacht Winter Series comes Down to the Wire

Trailer Yacht Winter Series comes Down to the Wire

As the nights get longer, the thoughts turn to the start of the new sailing season.   But some of the trailer yachts have been sailing through winter  for the off season honours.

Carabella, Drama, Piccolo & The Bill battled out a hard fought Winter Series, the last chapter of which is due to be written this coming weekend.   Technical difficulties with the results means that none of the skippers knows where they sit and what the outcome of the series is likely to be.  

Unlike winter 2015, when light conditions caused most of the races to be cancelled, this year has thrown up a variety of conditions.   The race on Sunday 7 August was a prime example.   Conditions were a bit challenging with the wind strength changing from 25 knots at Whakamoenga Point to holes the size of football fields at 2 Mile Bay.   The Bill held an 8 minute lead at the Point but Piccolo managed to claw back almost 6 minutes of this on the downwind - due to the flukey winds in 2 Mile Bay.   The final chapter has yet to be writ.   It's a bit like the Olympics - it's not over until it's over.

The Winter Series is an integral part of the large boat season yet it is poorly supported.   Some of the best sailing conditions are found during winter - but most skippers never get to see them.   So, for all trailer yacht skippers - put this on your calendar for next season.   Perhaps we can get the Club to consider including this in the Club Champs for the following season or, Heaven forbid, even rewarding winning performance with a trophy.   For those who compete, it is a serious series.  

Update - the final races has been sailed.  View the results for the 2016 Winter Series HERE


Posted: Mon 15 Aug 2016