2017 Taupo - Kinloch New Year's Day Race

Eight boats competed for the coveted Kinloch Trophy in this year's edition of the race.   While 7 boats were on time for the start, a misplaced key saw Skud make a late bid for the honours.

As expected the breeze started as a moderate 10 knots from the West, which made for a quick transit.   A broad reach under spinnaker to Rangatira Point was followed by a tight reach across the bays as the breeze lifted to 15 knots, gusting 19 regularly and moving towards the North.   A light spot on the Western side of Whangamata Bluff caught out a couple of competitors but with the breeze filling in from the north a tight reach into the turning mark at Kinloch and a spinnaker run to the finish for a number of the boats.

The two Ross 780s battled for supremacy to Rangatira Point with Kubla Khan narrowly taking the honours over Carabella, but the lead changed as the boats headed towards the Western Bays and on to Kinloch.   At Whangamata Bluff the light conditions enabled Carabella to maintain a lead into Kinloch Bay but a starboard tack on the turning mark saw Kubla Khan take the lead after forcing Carabella to tack away.   However Carabella had the last say with a pass under spinnaker on the run home - Carabella by a couple of boats lengths to finish in 2h 48m 29s.

Back in the fleet it was more of a procession with only The Bill taking the Northern course with all of the other boats favouring the more Southerly route.   It paid off for The Bill to come in 3rd on line and second on Handicap less that 3 minutes behind Carabella.

Line Honours (Division One)   Kubla Khan

Kinloch Trophy (Handicap)

1st  Carabella
2nd The Bill
3rd Piccolo

See the full results on the results page later this month.

Our thanks, as always, to Kinloch Marina for allowing us to stop over for lunch. 


Posted: Wed 04 Jan 2017