The Annual General Meeting of the members of Lake Taupo Yacht Club will take place at the LTYC on Sunday 10 June at 10.30 am.

The AGM Information booklet is available for download here, including minutes of 2018 AGM, Agenda and Flag Officers Reports 

Motion :-

“That the membership accept the updated Constitution”

A copy of which may be found by using the link, on facebook and on the website.

Annotated copy of proposed constitution

Recommended subscriptions:- for the 2019 –2020 season

It is recommended that the subs be as follows:-

Senior                     $260  ($245.30) 

2 Person Family    $288  ($260.70)

3 or more Family  $302  ($283.25)                       

Associate               $50    ($110.00)

These amounts include the Yachting New Zealand levy which have increased by 10% effective from 1 August. 

It is also the recommendation that mid-term or part year subscriptions for members joining after 31 December, be:

Senior                    $140   ($110.00)

2 Person Family   $170   ($110.00)        

3 or more Family $185   ($110.00) 

Associate-             $50     (Unchanged)

 Flag Officers:-

The following nominations have been received-

Commodore -Alan Simpson.

Proposed Alan Swift,    Seconded – Joanna Kidson

Vice Commodore – Mike Hindrup

Proposed Peter Roberts,       Seconded Joanna Kidson

Rear Commodore no nominations have been received.

General Committee

Nominations for members to serve on the General Committee are welcome.

Nomination forms may be found by using the link, on facebook and on the website.

Please make your own copies of this information as there will be limited copies available.

Any apologies to secretary-

Nominations for the General Committee

Written nominations are to be received by the Secretary prior to the meeting.

Nomination forms may be found here.

 Apologies to secretary at any time.

 Constitution Update

 The Meeting will be asked to approve amendments to the Constitution.   

Your Committee recognised that the Club has been operating outside the parameters of its Constitution for some time.  

In response it has taken the opportunity over the past 12 months to revisit key parts of the Constitution to bring the document into line with how the Club currently operates and to create a guiding document that will serve the Club into the future.    

Members were asked to contribute ideas to the Committee as part of this process and the document now presented represents the views of the Club as interpreted by your Committee and it is now presented as a complete document for the members to approve.   It is not anticipated that the document should be revisited clause by clause at the AGM.

Laurie Swift

Lake Taupo Yacht Club