LTYC Easter Trailer Yacht Regatta

2022 LTYC Easter Trailer Yacht Regatta

Incorporating 2022 Trailer Yachts Nationals and

The 2022 NZTYA New Zealand Trailer Yacht Championships

LTYC will hold its annual Easter Trailer Yacht Regatta on Friday 15, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 April 2022.  Monday 18 April 2022 is allocated as a Reserve Day. 

Entry Fees

The Early Bird entry fee is $120 per boat is available until 12 April 2022.  Late entry fee of $50 applies.  No exceptions. 

The entry fee includes one complimentary ticket to the regatta dinner on Saturday 16 April 2022.  Additional vouchers may be purchased at a cost of $30 at the time of entry or at registration.